Freshmen senators elected, sworn in

Leslie Rodriguez
News Writer
[email protected]
UNC Asheville’s freshmen, Sam Shephards and Jessie Frank were elected 2019-2020 freshmen senators. 
Each year UNCA’s Student Government Association elects students to serve as representatives for their demographic. 
“We as SGA are often the voice of the student body to the rest of the Asheville and larger North Carolina community. By taking an interest in Student Government other students can have their needs heard and often times met with open arms,” said President of SGA Isaiah Green. 
Green welcomes and is excited to have new freshmen join the senate. The association has big plans for the new year and will only benefit from the new senator’s input. 
For Shephards, learning her position relieves her anxieties and has been a new and exciting experience and is ready to work hard for the association. 
“I really wanted to run because I really believe in being active in our community. Using your voice to shape the community that you and your peers live in is really vital and that I have something good to bring to the table and I just want to do everything that I can for us students,” Shephards said. 
“Being a freshman senator and on SGA is an opportunity that allows me to represent my freshman class here at UNC Asheville and really try to deliver a great four years for all students here. I am able to hear the needs of students and organize events that everyone will enjoy,” Frank said. 
Green said SGA begins the new year by gathering for meetings in Highsmith and already working on a new initiative for the university. 
“There’s an ongoing initiative right now to get free pads and tampons in all bathrooms and I’m really interested in helping with that. I actually help accomplish something like this at my old school so this is something I’m really interested in carrying forward,” said Shephard’s. 
Frank said she worked in student council in the past hopes to be able to create a campus environment for students to enjoy the four years they will be spending the way she did in the past. Her goal is to respond to all the needs of all students. SGA hopes for other students on campus to take an interest in what they are working on. 
“I think students outside of SGA should care what we’re doing because we’re trying to base everything that we do off of what they care about. We’re doing things every day, every week that directly impact the student body whether you’re including to it or not. You really can have an actual impact through representatives and through the people here,” said Shephards. 
Shephard invites all students to visit the SGA office in Highsmith. She will be excited to listen to anyone’s needs during her office hours. 
“I hope to have our administration become the most productive administration in a long time with pieces of legislation passed, student orgs we collaborate with and initiatives we push,” Green said.