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COVID-19 cases during the spring 2022 semester have surpassed  those of previous semesters.
Endemic or Pandemic: A look at future mandates
Jemima Malote, [email protected], Editor-in-Chief • January 25, 2022

UNC Asheville looks to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 as the omicron variant spreads.  As new rules and regulations appear, one faculty member questioned the mandates and vaccination requirements imposed by the university.  In an email titled...

Senior Luna Little smiling as someone sleds down the hill behind the camera.
Snow Day Invites Students To Bring Out Their Inner Child
Abram Carter, [email protected], News writer • January 24, 2022

  The first snowfall of the spring semester at UNC Asheville brought happy memories and joy to campus after snowing almost 6 inches over...

Photo courtesy of Robert Bowen: 
A student stands under a green spotlight on stage while two other
students stand in the background behind them during a performance of “Radium Girls”.
The Show Must Go On: Theater During a Pandemic
Laura Johnson, [email protected], News writer • January 21, 2022

As we approach nearly three years of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to have to adapt and change. Among the areas most affected by this...

Freedom of press: The destruction of America's trust
December 5, 2021

By Austin Campbell News Editor [email protected] New ideals in the United States have stifled the country’s progression. The average American seems to want to scream, “Shut up, and go away!” to any view contrary to their own. Disagree...

Rocky! 1/24/2022
Rocky! 1/24/2022
Graham Dugliss, [email protected], Multimedia Team • January 24, 2022

Rocky! 1/14/2022 by Graham Dugliss
Rocky! 1/14/2022
Graham Dugliss, [email protected], Multimedia team • January 17, 2022

Rocky! by Graham Dugliss
Rocky! 11/21/21
November 21, 2021

Photo by Israel Garcia-Perez:
Memorial Stadium, home to Asheville City SC, features a new turf field in time for the start of the upcoming summer season.
New turf and coach brings enthusiasm to Asheville City SC
Israel Garcia-Perez, [email protected], Sports writer • January 20, 2022

With a newly-renovated home field at Asheville’s Memorial Stadium and an incoming first-year head coach, Asheville City SC looks to connect...

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Diary of a Mad Black Scholar: New year, not-so-new you
Diary of a Mad Black Scholar: New year, not-so-new you
Ruby Worthy and Shiasia Beasley January 19, 2022

Diary of a Mad Black Scholar kicks of their season/semester premiere with an episode on Accountability. On top of this, Ruby and Shiasia discuss...

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