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Upclose image of the fire from March 10, 1948 from the EM Ball Photographic Collection in Special Collections on UNCA campus.
How Zelda Fitzgerald Tragically Died on Zillicoa Street
Jernigan Neighbors, [email protected] , News Writer • November 22, 2022

Editor’s Note, Content Warning: This article contains mentions of fire, death and sexual assault.  While most notable for her 1920’s flap dancing, novel “Save Me The Waltz”, and marriage to ”The Great Gatsby”’s author, F. Scott Fitzgerald,...

Taylor Sykes poses for a photo.
Award-winning author teaches first horror writing class at UNC Asheville
Jake Wilson , [email protected], Contributor • November 14, 2022

Ghouls, ghosts, aliens and serial killers fill the air as UNC Asheville is offering horror fiction writing for the first time in school history. Award-winning...

Campus highlight: UNCA Media Design Lab open to all students
Campus highlight: UNCA Media Design Lab open to all students
Beth Starling, [email protected], contributor • November 11, 2022

This video features the UNCA Media Design Lab, TV Studio, and Audio Lab located on the lower level of Ramsey Library. From this video, you can...

Eugene Mirman standing in a lake.
Comedian, Eugene Mirman, soon to be sparking laughter in Asheville
Jernigan Neighbors , [email protected], News Writer • November 9, 2022

Known as the iconic voice behind Gene Belcher from Emmy award-winning animated comedy “Bob’s Burgers”, stand-up comedian, Eugene Mirman,...

Bianca Gragg operates her own private practice called Semillas Counseling.
Therapy in progress: therapists of color share experiences working in the mental health field
Jemima Malote, [email protected], Editor-in-Chief • November 8, 2022

As a child, Bianca Gragg did not want to be a dark brown hairy girl. “I wanted to be like everybody else,” she said. “I didn't want...

Marcie Cohen Ferris spoke at UNC Asheville for their Farm-to-Table dinner and a handful of talks and lectures.
Collard greens and gefilte fish: Marcie Cohen-Ferris writes a new voice in food studies
Saffron Clark, [email protected], Contributor • November 3, 2022

It was chilly enough to require pants and long sleeves to sit on the patio outside of Karpen Hall. The tent from the Sept. 28 Farm-to-Table dinner...

The mountains and John Rock come into view from the tunnel trail.
A 200-foot cliff and Asheville’s newest coffee shop
Hayden Bailey, [email protected], Assistant Arts & Features Editor • November 2, 2022

According to legend, John Rock gets its name from a horse who slipped and fell off of the 200-foot cliff. According to history, a plaque...

A study by USC Annenberg reveals some shocking statistics about Asian representation within cinema.
Trying to find myself on TV and why I’ve never been a reader
Grace Gosinanont, Arts and Features Editor, [email protected] November 21, 2022

Growing up, I've always felt like I consumed media by the spoonful. From hoarding all of the “Magic Tree House” books I could find to sneaking...

Calling for better campus transparency
Calling for better campus transparency
Jemima Malote, [email protected], Editor-in-Chief • October 25, 2022

While working on a recent article about campus police, I ran into the common, yet frustrating issue of being redirected toward UNC Asheville's...

Junior midfielder Justin Fleer waves to the camera during warmups.
Student-athletes look to end stigma around mental health
Jared Feinberg, [email protected], Sports Writer • November 21, 2022

Mental health remains a key issue amongst student-athletes, whose schedules differ from the average student as they must balance practice, strength...

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The cycle of Work, stress, Sleep is said to accompany feelings of burnout.
Burnt out? Me too. Let’s get through this together
Lauren Boyle, [email protected], Arts & Features writer • April 27, 2022

The final days of the school year are quickly approaching. With only a week until finals begin, the end is visibly close, yet feels impossible to reach.  At least I hope I’m not the only one thinking so. Whether you're rounding out your first year...

The community bands together to protest the “Don’t say gay” bill.
The “Don’t Say Gay” bill: How homophobic legislations harm a younger generation
Grace Gosinanont, [email protected], Arts & Features Editor • April 27, 2022

On Monday, March 28, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill prohibiting discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity in the classroom. This bill, given the deceiving name of the "Parental Rights in Education" bill, states that classroom personnel...

Demographic enrollment facts from UNC Ashevilles institutional facts web page.
Representation isn’t as important as you think it is
Ruby Worthy , [email protected], Podcast Staff • April 26, 2022

I committed to UNC Asheville because of the importance it seemed to place on diversity and inclusion. When you’re 18 years old and grew up...

Statistics from the National Human Trafficking Hotline provide insight on reports and tips made each year.
A reminder that being a woman is scary
Emily Arismendy , [email protected], Contributor • April 4, 2022

In a few weeks I’ll be walking across the stage to receive my college diploma. And while it is an extremely exciting moment in my life, I can’t...

CBD and related products can be found in many dosages and forms, including chocolates, gummies and vape cartridges.
Why your health care worker may be vaping CBD
Christi Wentz, [email protected], Contributor • March 11, 2022

It was a rare night in the hospital. No alarms went off and no call bells rang. It was only midnight and all the patients in my group were somehow...