Greenhouses on campus invite people in for spring

Abram Carter, [email protected], News writer

As spring approaches bringing warmer temperatures and vibrant pastel colors, the UNC Asheville campus greenhouses become a haven for some students, yet not a lot of people know about or use these environmentally-friendly resources frequently. 

Alexandra Parker, a sophomore at UNCA said they only knew about one of the two greenhouses like many of the students on campus.

“I only knew about the greenhouse at the library,” Parker said. “I do like to study in the greenhouse though, especially in the winter and summer when the weather is really hot or cold.”  

One of the greenhouses is located next to Ramsey Library, while the other greenhouse location is inside of the Rhoades-Robinson building and is usually open on weekends. 

While some students only know of one greenhouse, other students like Katt Snyder, a current freshman, said they actually knew about both greenhouses.

“I’ve used one of them and really like it,” Snyder said. “It’s a very relaxing study spot, and I looked into the other greenhouse a while ago and I think it is private, which is kind of a bummer, but I understand why it is.”

The Rhoades-Robsinson greenhouse also called the Solarium is more private than the Library location and is open for students Tuesday and Thursday afternoons between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. 

While the Solarium is only open two days of the week, the Ramsey Library location is open every day unless locked or stated otherwise, this location also tends to be more popular among students. 

“They’re really helpful to get the brain juices flowing. I mostly just go to the one at the library,” said London Newton, a junior at UNCA. 

The greenhouse next to the Ramsey Library provides tables and outlets for students to work on assignments and relax, while the solarium in the Rhoades-Robinson building is mainly used for housing exotic plants for classes and clubs. 

“It’s usually pretty quiet, so it’s a great place to relax and or study,” Parker said about the Ramsey Library greenhouse. 

Students mainly use the greenhouses for quietness, a change in their study environment and even just for relaxation. 

“I go pretty often between classes, less since I moved off campus,” Newton said.

Even with the greenhouses currently in use by students, Parker and Newton said they have some ideas for improvement of the greenhouse next to Ramsey Library.  

“There’s not many flowers in here, so maybe more color?” Parker said. “A tiny or small water fountain would be cool. The white noise from the water would be pretty relaxing.”

Parker also said some new seating would be nice as well, such as cozy chairs to add more of a relaxing environment to the greenhouses.

The incorporation of water and brighter color seems to be a common idea from students to add to the relaxing on campus spaces. 

“A water station would be fun,” Newton said. 

While some students like Newton and Parker said the greenhouses could use some work and other improvements, others like Snyder enjoy the campus environment’s vibrancy just the way it is. 

“I think the campus greenery is amazing,” Snyder said. “I’d prefer if the people tending to the landscape didn’t almost run over me every morning on my way to my 8 a.m., but the library is lovely and I quite like it the way it is.”