Editorial: Stay persistent, UNCA

It’s been a long two years of mandates, policies and masks. Many were robbed of valuable experiences like graduation, a college experience and more importantly some even lost family members and loved ones. After the initial lockdown, the world adapted to a new normal with masks, mandates and fears of no return to how things were. Then, hope came with the release of vaccines and the future seemed optimistic. Although things seemed to get better, new variants appeared and filled us with fear again. With each new variant, the public’s attitudes changed. Some for the better and others for worse. 

With COVID fatigue it’s tempting to lessen restrictions, or just live life as normal, but now is not the time to break precautions. As of Jan. 28, the campus reached 121 COVID-19 cases. Yes, 121 cases. Far exceeding those of previous semesters and reflecting the transmission rate of the omicron variant. As a campus, UNC Asheville has had the privilege of remaining open throughout the pandemic. Unlike other schools, the campus has largely remained in-person, but if cases continue rising the privilege of seeing others and making face-to-face connections, may be lost. 

The safe haven offered to many by the school, the friends and the memories will all be ripped away. Switched with online meetings, awkward zoom breakout rooms and hellish families. The initial start of the semester, and quite frankly the whole pandemic, has shown nothing is promised. The omicron surge is not over. Stay vigilant, be smart, protect yourself and others. Double mask up, get vaccinated, get boosted, get tested and quarantine if needed.    

We at the Blue Banner continue to do our jobs during the pandemic and encourage you to do yours.


The Blue Banner editorial staff