A glimpse in Banner history, comics and features that made headlines

Celestine J. Epps, [email protected], Assistant Arts and Features Editor

  Writers and contributors to the Blue Banner have honored the voices of the student body for 40 years, bringing truth to light, and sharing varying perspectives and personalities within our community. The Banner showcased bands and eclectic musicians whose authenticity gives Asheville its sparkle and hard hitting news that’s impacted student living and our college careers at UNC Asheville.


   We’ve shared stories of our favorite spots in nature, our experiences on campus and timely news throughout the years. Since day one, the independent student media at UNCA provided students the outlet for change, self-expression, discourse on campus culture and the big world we embark on when we step outside the halls of this university. 


   From the strange things students do for money to informing Bulldogs on the topics that matter most, the Blue Banner celebrates a piece of UNCA history with comics and features for our fellow Bulldogs.


   Happy Anniversary!