Teen After-Party in Pack Square Park

Childrens’ laughter and lively music echoed through downtown Asheville as the performance group, Slay the Mic, sang for the community on the evening of Aug. 18 at Pack Square Park. The event, called “Teen After-Party” featured popular songs and dances from the TikTok app which brought kids and teens alike onto the stage. 

As the night grew deeper, even college students joined the festivities. “If you want to build up the community, you need to let the kids have a little fun,” said Marlon Alexander, a senior at Western Carolina University, and a member of the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. He said having a thriving community supported by all ages is important for the kids to see. 

Tourists and Asheville locals can find entertainment at the popular gathering spot nearly every week. Behind the stage, the Buncombe County Courthouse and Asheville’s art deco City Hall tower over the plaza, reminding pedestrians they are walking through the beating heart of the city.