Lotus to play The Orange Peel

A unique sound will return to Asheville this week. Mixing electronic dance beats and post-rock driven sounds, Lotus comes back to the Orange Peel this Thursday for the first time in a year.
“We came to the Orange Peel last year, and had a really good time,” said Luke Miller, who plays guitar and keyboard for Lotus. “We like Asheville a lot.”
The band plays many regional tours, as well as makes appearances at large-scale music festivals, such as Rothbury and Camp Bisco.
“Over the years, we’ve had a steady increase in our fan base,” Miller said. “One year we’ll play a show at a small venue, and then the next year, we’ll come back and sell 2,500 tickets at a packed out place in the same city. It changes a lot.”
On this tour, Lotus debuts their new album, “Build,” released on Feb. 19. Miller said this album gives a different vibe than their previous releases.
“We recorded a lot of songs. We did almost two and a half albums worth,” Miller said. “The ones we picked for this one had more of an electronic-rock vibe, with a lot of synthesizers and an upbeat feel. We tried to be a little more focused, and less eclectic.”
Lotus will play The Orange Peel on Thursday night, accompanied by Moon Hooch, starting at 9 p.m.