The Get Right Band unveils new album


Photo provided by Romy Bayhack

Press image of the Get Right Band.

Jernigan Neighbors, [email protected], Arts & Features Editor

The Salvage Station welcomes The Get Right Band, a psychedelic indie Asheville band, to release their brand new album on April 7. 

“We have never made a concept album before so that was really different,” said the band’s guitarist/vocalist Silas Durocher. “I had been wanting to do that since I was a kid. Since I started playing guitar.” 

The psychedelic funk trio consists of Silas Durocher on guitar and vocals, Jesse Gentry playing bass and JC Mears on drums. 

“We started in 2011 here in Asheville, but the bass player and I have been playing together since middle school,” Durocher said. “We have been at this a long time.”

The Asheville singer said creating a concept album kept the band steady on one track when the album was in development. 

“It was a two year process. It is easy at times to wander off in other directions creatively, personally or interpersonally,” Durocher said. “That kind of gave us this roadmap to stick to with this project whereas previous albums have been more collections of songs.” 

The band started the concept album during the COVID quarantine lockdown in 2020, and mostly recorded in a home studio. 

“We recorded the drums at Echo Mountain here in Asheville, and we recorded everything else at home,” Durocher said. “That allows us a lot more time to kind of experiment and try new things.” 

The singer said they started recording the album in the beginning of 2021 mostly independently, and later worked with a mixing engineer named Matt Zutell out of Charleston.

“We did not play together,” Durocher said. “We recorded it in a much more modern approach because we felt like that gave us more flexibility and ability to experiment. Learning how to play this record live has been super hard, and the first time we will be playing most of these songs will be April 7.”

Durocher said the Salvage Station album release show will most likely be the only time the band will play the album live from start to finish. 

“I am really excited for that album release show and to do the album as a whole piece,” Durocher said. “We spent so long thinking about it that way and structuring it that way. It will be really cool to bring that experience to the audience in a live show.” 

Durocher said the method for listening to this record is to play it all the way through from start to finish, even though many people do not listen to music that way anymore with streaming. 

“There’s a lot of attention put into that full experience of sitting down and listening to it all the way through like people would do with a Pink Floyd record or a Beatles record or something,” the singer said.

Durocher said this will be the band’s sixth album. The trio produced three singles this year with music videos for each available on Youtube. 

“One of the singles we have put out so far ‘Hell Yes Refresh’. It’s just a song I feel really connected to emotionally and musically,” Durocher said. “I am really excited to be playing something like that live and hope that the audience digs it too so we can feel that exchange of energy.” 

Durocher said the album release show at Salvage Station will be their last Asheville show before they head off on tour. 

The singer said the band is excited to be back on the road and to see family and friends in the northeast region of the United States for the first time since the COVID pandemic commenced in 2020. 

“We were on tour in D.C and Philadelphia right as COVID was starting,” Durocher said. “We have not been up there since so I am just excited to get back to that part of the country and see those people we have not seen and bring them this new music.” 

The singer said the band will be touring all over the East Coast for a few months including New York, Boston, Philly, playing around South Carolina and bouncing around the region through summer.

“We have done quite a bit of touring on the East Coast,” Durocher said. “We toured to the Caribbean and the Virgin Islands like eight times or something. We spent all night playing music, and spent all day swimming with sea turtles, snorkeling, kayaking and stuff. That was really fun.” 

The Asheville band is available on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and Pandora. For tour information, music, merch and more go to The Get Right Band – Psychedelic Indie Rock.