Students prepare for exams as the year closes


Cody Ferguson

Graphic by Cody Ferguson.

Cody Ferguson, [email protected], News Writer

Summer approaches for all of us, but one great hurdle lies in wait. Exams.

The last month of classes have started and for many students this will be a month of spending too much time locked away with nothing to do but study until your eyelids have to close for the night. A month of mentally reaching to the future because you know there is just one large hurdle between you and a peaceful summer experience. A single month trying its best to push your mental capacity to its limits in preparation for just five days of exams.

Students, don’t fear the last week of school. Make it into a month of exploring self-care and study techniques. Studying can be difficult for some, but the first step is trying out new methods and committing to the act. 

Some students need a group, while some students prefer to be alone. Some students want something in between with a few friends who may want to learn about the subject you’re studying. Whatever you find that just clicks for your mind, it is likely the right decision to keep going in that direction. 

Always take your studying a step further by recounting what you studied to a friend who knows very little about the subject just to test your own knowledge. If you can successfully bring someone to understand the knowledge for your class then it is something you know well enough to take a test on.

Knowing how to study is great, but keeping yourself motivated becomes a large issue during the last month of classes. Students will make study plans but realize they’re too mentally drained to absorb information given to them. It’s a hard thing to balance school and life, but it is possible. 

This time of year is the best time to take full advantage of the vast swathe of resources available for classes. Often, there is an official study group within your major or even more often there is a study group for your individual class. Seek out these groups of people and collaborate. Find your own lapse in knowledge and seek out someone who may be able to fill in the gaps. 

Students coming together as a collective mind lets everyone teach each other the material rather than trying to learn it by yourself. Simply reading the book won’t give the average student enough stimulus to build a long-term memory around it. Just reading through the material is fantastic after you know it and have a story attached, but don’t let it be your only means of remembering everything for your tests. 

Reading day is something all students can take advantage of. It is a day that establishes a sense of calm across the campus and sets up students to be able to take a breath after the month of calamity preceding them. Use the day for yourself, but don’t lose sight of the week ahead.

Between exams, take a moment and relax on the quad with a friend or suntan. If it is a rainy day, put on your favorite music album and just let yourself drift off for a few moments. Your mind as a student needs the break, and your next exam will greatly appreciate the fresh feeling.