Student employment directly affects students in academic studies


Addison Greene

Indigo Lesser and Ziyanah Alexander complete homework while at their jobs in Highsmith Student Union.

Addison Greene, [email protected] , News Writer

UNC Asheville students said employment and academic success are directly correlated and can contribute to overall performance at work or school. 

“I started out as a student employee working as little as nine hours a week, then I took advantage of the summer work program, which allows you to stay on campus over the summer. Then I took a break semester and got a full-time temporary job, and now I’m back in school working 28 hours a week,” said Aaron Mathey, a senior at UNCA who works on campus as a housekeeper. 

Mathey said on-campus jobs are more convenient for students who live on-campus. 

“I’ve never known not working. Student jobs have been a huge stressor in my time at UNCA but luckily there are policies in place that keep you from getting overworked,”  Mathey said. 

He said it depends on the person and the job when it comes to work/life balance. 

“I know plenty of people who work in food service who have gotten so used to being  overworked and being super stressed out at work all the time,” Mathey said.

He said jobs aren’t necessarily needed to maintain a happy, healthy college career.

“If you feel like it is not an option for you to not work, I would say just go ahead and get a job. There are so many on-campus jobs that are so easy, and if you don’t like it, quit,” Mathey said. 

Ava Ingle is a senior at UNCA who works at Mellow Mushroom and lives off-campus. 

“I don’t have any days where I don’t have to go to work or school. I always have a day where I  have to do something and that’s hard for me because sometimes I like to do nothing all day,” Ingle said. 

Ingle said it’s easier for students who live on-campus to work on-campus and students who live off-campus to work off-campus due to transportation and parking. 

“If you’re looking for a job off-campus, try to find somewhere close so you don’t have to stress  about traveling far to work. I usually don’t have to leave my house until five minutes before I have to be at work, which gives me time to do homework before work,” Ingle said. 

Cate Marshall, assistant director for experiential learning, said working during college is a great way to be set up for post-college life. 

“Some of the benefits of working on campus is they don’t have to worry about the  transportation piece,” Marshall said. “I think for some people it is necessary to work but some people might not necessarily have to.  On campus you’re a student first and an employee second.”

Marshall said there are multiple opportunities for careers during and post college. 

“Work with the Career Center to make sure a resume is updated and polished and a cover  letter is ready to go,” Marshall said.