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Welcoming back the Bulldogs

Graphic by Joshua Staley

Now that the hectic first week of class is all behind us, hopefully you’ve cultivated some form of a routine to stick to. From skirting around the quad so you can get to Whitesides Hall a little faster, to waking up five minutes earlier so you can get to the shower before your new roommate. We all have those little things that keep our ships from sinking, so for the second week of school I’d like to suggest we all take that into consideration when dealing with our fellow Bulldogs.

We’ve all spent an exorbitant amount of money on textbooks, stood too long in line at Brown and missed out on a little carousing in order to study for that dreadful math test. Through these shared experiences camaraderie can blossom, and I encourage you to help it so we can build a better community here at UNC Asheville. 

Strike up a conversation with the strangers in your classroom, spend one of these gorgeous fall days checking out the changing leaves or just find a nice quiet place to relax. Make this semester yours and strive to improve in an area or two you think needs work. And for goodness sake clean your rooms.

Don’t let your school work fall by the wayside but also don’t be afraid to venture out into parts unknown. Also, don’t ever skip out on sleep if you can help it. It might seem like your only avenue for passing the big test is pulling an all-nighter, but one extra hour of sleep is likely more helpful than a study session where you’re constantly dozing off. 

From leaky gas pipes to fighting one another for parking spots, I can already tell this is going to be a banner year for us Bulldogs. So welcome back. Let’s see what other hurdles we can face and overcome.

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