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UNC Asheville students creatively express themselves through fashion

Sydney Mason
Kiara Douglas, Jason Miller and Mia Kontometros show off their unique style here on UNC Asheville’s campus.

Fashion is an art form for expressing one’s uniqueness in daily life. UNC Asheville students showcase their creativity and embrace their individuality with their sense of fashion on campus. 

Kiara Douglas, a UNCA senior majoring in mass communication, decided to showcase her love for the cowboy style by rocking her red cowboy boots, bandana and a bolo. She paired the accessories with a knit top, a black skirt and some ripped tights. 

“My red cowboy boots are like my tried and true, so I know they’ll make any outfit at least a little better,” Douglas said. “I’m very susceptible to trends, so when the cowboy aesthetic came in, that’s sort of where all this came from.”  

Jason Miller, a junior studying psychology, decided to go with a more casual look, with a graphic tee, shorts and some black converse. 

“I woke up this morning and I was like, I wanna wear this shirt, so I put it on. I was like, it’s gonna be hot today, gotta wear shorts. The shoes, little beat up converse situation because yesterday it rained, and I don’t wanna get my nice shoes dirty,” Miller said. “These days I’m just dressing for comfort.” 

Freshman Mia Kontometros, aspiring to major in music, went with a more unique outfit. She wore a mesh, cream skirt, paired with a matching corset top. She accessorized with some gold jewelry. 

“I got inspiration from a music video from an artist called Chungha, for her song “PLAY.” I’m filming a dance cover for it so that’s why I chose it,” Kontometros said. “I’ve always had a passion for fashion and I have so many overflowing ideas, so my style varies quite a lot.” 

Garrison Lawrence, a sophomore majoring in psychology sported a chic look. She dressed in a black maxi skirt, paired with a white tank top and Adidas shoes. She accessorized with a scarf, a black hat and some chunky jewelry. 

“Usually when I first start my outfits I start with something very basic, and then just use a lot of accessories to elevate the outfit. I began with a black skirt and a tank top and then just found random things to make it something,” Lawrence said. “Sometimes I wake up and I’m feeling very casual, or some days I wake up feeling very tomboy or girly, and then I’ll pick out an outfit of how I’m feeling.” 

Clara Lampkin, a senior studying music, went with a ‘cottagecore-esque’ look. She wore a denim midi skirt, paired with a black top and a sheer cardigan, and some mary-jane style shoes. 

“There’s a lot of people in my classes that I’m friends with that I really love how they dress and I love how they look. When I started meeting these people I just wanted to dress cool like them,” Lampkin said. “I like to seem like I’m a nice person, so I try to dress in a way that it seems like I am approachable.”


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