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Local Asheville band Yesterday’s Clothes share influences and aspirations

Burchett heavily strums an upbeat chord progression as Schlock and Chisholm communicate on stage.

Yesterday’s Clothes is a 4-piece alternative band local to Asheville, N.C. Their members comprise of Hampton Schlock (Rhythm guitar & Vocals), Connor Burchett (Lead guitar), Jackson Chisholm (Bass guitar) and Jack Ritchie (Drums). 

Their unique sound is inspired by bands from many different eras, and from many different genres. The band listed such groups and artists as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Bill Monroe and The Grateful Dead, as well as Coldplay and U2 alongside artists like The Strokes, Sticky Fingers, Hockey Dad and more. With such a wide variety of influences from the members, it would be difficult for the band to not have a unique and influential sound to bring the table in the local Asheville scene, which is apparent in their upbeat, groovy, funk inspired indie/alternative sound.

The band formed due to Schlock having gone on a church retreat. There he met the band’s social media manager Cooper, and was brought back to Asheville to meet the rest of the band members. They’ve been playing together for a while now and are just beginning to play live sets in the area and pick up their social media presence.

The band has many plans for recording and distributing in the near future. They “hopefully” have a single releasing in mid-October, and have plans to release more music around the end of the year, according to Schlock. Their five-year plans consist of playing at larger venues, releasing a full-fledged album and maybe even going on tour, which seems to be at the center of the band’s focus.


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