SGA to receive weekly coverage of its plans for a more sustainable future

By Harper Spires – Contributor – [email protected]
Over the next few weeks, The Blue Banner will report on each weekly meeting of the Student Government Association. This report intends to keep the student body updated on the goings-on and achievements of our student representatives. Be sure to check out each week’s SGA member profiles as well.
SGA is set up very similarly to the U.S. Congress and Executive Branch. Student representatives, in addition to president and vice president, hold six positions: chief of staff, director of sustainability, director of external affairs, director of public relations, director of multicultural affairs and elections commissioner. A number of student representatives also hold senator positions on behalf of freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, commuters and residents.
The first meeting of the semester was held last Wednesday evening.  Newly-elected President Leigh Whittaker shared her excitement for the new year and topics that needed to be discussed with the Senators, including student contact reports and getting active with state legislature that affects UNC Asheville students.
Student contact reports exist for students to fill out with their comments and concerns with university business. Students will turn in these reports to the SGA, and the group will address the students’ concerns.
Melanie Bonds, head of the Student Environmental Center, communicated freshmen interest in an outdoor compost receptacle to the SGA.
Active Students for a Healthy Environment requested SGA write a resolution stating their interest in coal divestment.
UNCA took steps to hire a Director of Sustainability, but the position remains unfilled.
SGA’s Elections Commissioner is working towards having the freshmen senator campaigns within the next couple of weeks. If you are interested, keep an eye out for further information, or check the requirements online at
As this was just the first meeting, only a few topics were discussed, but as the semester progresses more information will be available about proposed legislation and resolutions, as well as other goings-on. Check back next week for more SGA news!