SGA Weekly Report

By Harper Spires[email protected] – Contributor
Executive report: Leigh Whittaker, SGA president, asked the senators to think about their personal goals for SGA and what kind of legislation or resolutions may be worked on throughout the semester. She also mentioned the recent voter ID legislation passed in N.C. and asked the senators consider writing a voter ID resolution explaining how the new law affects students. If SGA passes the resolution, Whittaker can pass it on to the faculty and staff, and send a general letter to Gov. McCrory expressing SGA’s resolution.
Harry Samuels, SGA’s director of sustainability, announced the new e-waste recycling bins are now in the main floors of every residence hall on campus, thanks to Melanie Bonds, the program coordinator for the Student Environmental Center. Additionally, the newly hired director of sustainability will be meeting soon with leaders of sustainability on campus to talk about UNCA’s environmental goals.
Paola Salas, member of Student Affairs Committee, briefly discussed her work toward a new multicultural sorority, heightened staff appreciation, better recycling at the Grove Apartments and more focus on commuter students.
Election legislation, which outlines the rules for freshmen fall 2013 elections, was passed. Freshmen campaigns will begin Sept. 2 through Sept. 6.
The 2013 – 2014 SGA budget was read and voted upon, passing unanimously.