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Local band spreads love, energy at Moogfest 2014

By Maddie Stagnaro – [email protected] – Staff Writer

Using a combination of guitar, keyboard and synthesizers to produce what is called psycho-pop, the expressive and energizing RBTS Win, a local band, wowed concert-goers on Saturday at the Emerald Lounge during Moogfest 2014.

“I’ve never seen them before and I just thought they produced such great energy but with a smooth, almost mellow vibe. I thought they were great and I would definitely go see them again,” said Topher Harris, Asheville resident.

Kent Hernndez, a keyboardist, in addition to Javier Bolea, the drum machinist and Josh Chassner, the guitarist, all grew up together and came from Miami as part of what they called an exodus from Miami to Asheville around 10 years ago. Then they met Brian, aka Cliff B. Worsham, the lead vocalist, who was born and raised in Asheville. They all agreed because of the friendly atmosphere in Asheville it has not been too hard getting their music out to the public.

“Asheville is great! It’s a great place to create the living and its high quality of life at a lower price. Initially it was just centrally located and now its become a musical hub of the east coast, thanks to Moog and Moogfest,” said Javier, one of the main beat makers.

Comprised of hard bass beats mixed with melodic keyboard and synthesizers as well as guitar, the vocals provided a more mellow sound a little bit reminiscent of reggae.

Brian said he wants his message to his audience to be love.

“To me, I always think that death is the end statement to our life and I’m always confused by things like grudges, wars and stuff like that. So we try to create an atmosphere where people can let go of every feeling and just hone in on being. I feel like our shows have a pretty wild energy and it’s different energy that can suck you out of your own body and put you on a beach or an entirely different milky way,” Brian said.

Brian said he wants people to be totally disconnected from the feelings and from the things that hold them down.

“I definitely felt that they wanted to send good energy to the audience. They were constantly thanking us, I remember the lead singer saying, ‘You could be anywhere else right now,’ and that’s true. It was cool that they were appreciative. I felt the love, for sure,” Harris said.

RBTS Win will be releasing their album Palm Sunday on May 20 and are scheduled to perform on May 3 in Charlotte.

Javier said they would be performing locally in June and to be watching for those dates and locations.

“I’m definitely going to go check them out after tonight; I hope they perform in Asheville a lot,” Harris said. “This is music worth paying for and I would definitely keep supporting this band.”

Brian said he uses his music to inspire younger generations to remember they can do anything they put their minds to.

“I want them to know they are important, regardless of whatever may happen in their lives or what other people might tell them, they are an important person,” he said.

Kent also said sometimes bands can be very unapproachable and this is not the case with them, “In this case, we’re you! We’re just you guys trying to do what we love.”

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