A visionary method of musical interaction

Features – By Joann Pauline Johnson, Contributor
On May 28, the Orange Peel was packed to the brim as many stood waiting to hear the long-awaited performance from The Tallest Man on Earth. As the loud saxophone, drums, violin, piano players and enthusiastic quirky lead singer and guitarist, Kristian Matsson, entered the stage, the crowd immediately became overwhelmed with the instrumental and vocal talents of the full band. The show started off with a bang and continued to shock audience members as the evening continued.
In the middle of the show the mood switched to a more pensive atmosphere and became slower paced as the spotlight centered in on just the lead singer. He played a 15-minute acoustic set, then invited the band back up for the last part of the show. Matsson had fun interactions with the audience by grabbing a balloon and voicing how he would “Keep it safe” for a few songs.
He mesmerized audience members by inviting them into the depth of his new lyrics found on his most recent album release “Dark Bird Is Home”. Many of his songs, such as the title track, are full of the need to search for direction and truth. The song voices his struggles in life, stating, “Still we’re in the light of day, with our ghosts within… but this is not the end, no, this is fine.” Other new songs like “Sagres” give a nostalgic and melancholy feeling, hinting at the ending of a relationship and the journey to recover through grief and healing.
Kristian Matsson displays excellent songwriting skills by creating familiar feelings, using lyrics that tell a story in a creative and discreet manner. While he brought back some of his older and more popular pieces including “Love is All” and “The Gardener” he also splashed life on his live performance by introducing his fans to his bold and flavorful new songs.