UNCA sports fans develop camaraderie with players

Cassidy Fowler
Sports Staff Writer
[email protected]
Despite the chilly air, fans rallied together with their jackets and blankets to root on the men’s soccer team Wednesday, just as they do every game.

The crowd chants the boys are on “the pursuit” loudly and proudly in support.
“I support the Bulldogs because I generally really love sports, but at UNCA you really know the athletes,” said Dion Ranck, junior political science student.
Ranck said there’s nothing better than showing school spirit and the fact she can support players she knows and loves makes each game even more fantastic than the last.
“They’re not big celebrities like at other schools, they’re your classmates and your friends, so when you’re cheering them on, you’re really cheering your friends and members of the community on,” Ranck said. “It’s more personal and I love it!”
Jane Harriott, sophomore Bulldogs fan and health and wellness student, said she agrees with Ranck.
“Being a health and wellness major, I have a lot of classes with many of the athletes. Getting to know them personally and getting to support them makes it all the more fun to go to games. Plus, they’re always really fun,” said Harriott.
Another committed fan, Sofia Moreira, said she loves to watch how the team works together and how that comradery hypes up the fans.
“My favorite part was when Luiz, one of the players, scored the goal,” said Moreira, a sophomore psychology student.
Ranck said she is super competitive and gets overly excited cheering at games.
“If I’m honest, I got a bit obnoxious because a player on the opposite team wasn’t being the nicest and I’m really competitive,” Ranck said. “There was also a great turnout that added to the hype.”
With the Bulldogs fans cheering them on, the Bulldogs achieved a 1-0 win against Gardner-Webb University.
“I plan on going to as many games as I can and I hope to see the boys pull out even more wins this season,” said Harriott. “They’re definitely on the right track for success.”