Tattoo of the Week – Lindsey Tavares

Karrigan Monk
Assistant Arts and Features Editor
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Lindsey Tavares
Second year philosophy student from Charlotte, NC

Lindsey Tavares uses a colorful sunflower tattoo to cover what she described as penis-shaped scar. Photo courtesy of Lindsey Tavares.
What is your tattoo?
I have two. One is of a sunflower and one is of a moonflower.
When did you get them?
I got the sunflower on my mom’s birthday two years ago. The other one I got sometime last year.
Is there a cool story behind them?
For the first one, my dad was really against tattoos so I got it without my parents knowing. I got it to cover a scar I had that looked like a penis. When my mom saw it she was like, “Well, it’s better than a penis.”
Do they have any specific meaning to you?
I’ve always wanted a sun and moon tattoo and these work for that. Plus, sunflowers are my favorite flowers.
What kind of experience did you have getting them?
The sunflower was free and I got it while staring at a deer head with a little kid ramming his truck into the tattoo chair. The second one was a lot better. My boyfriend was with me and I felt more at ease.
Any plans to get more?
Yeah. I want them all to be flowers. I also want a Camus quote.
Any advice to someone wanting to get a tattoo?
Think about location. Go with what you love. Everybody will always have opinions, but yours is the only one that counts. It is your body.