Ink of the Week – Thomas Smith

Karrigan Monk
Assistant Arts and Features Editor
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Thomas Smith shows off his pineapple tattoo, what he calls the coolest looking fruit. Photo by Karrigan Monk.

Thomas Smith
Senior literature student from Annapolis, MD
What is your tattoo?
My tattoo is a pineapple on my left shoulder.
Nice. Where did you get it?
It’s called Orange Tattoo Company. It’s the tattoo company in Annapolis, Maryland, my hometown.
Does it have a cool story behind it?
I was meaning to get it this last summer and I actually got it the last day before I left the country for Australia. Not because it was, like, a spur of the moment thing. I had actually been wanting it for a while. I meant to get it that summer, so I thought, “You know, it’s my last day, I might as well follow through and get this tattoo I’ve been wanting.”
Why a pineapple?
I think pineapples really look cool. It’s probably the coolest looking fruit in my opinion.
How did you pick that placement?
I wanted a placement where it could be completely visible or covered up if I want it to be. If I’m at the beach or if I wear a tank top, people will see it, but if I wear even a short sleeve shirt people won’t.
Do you want any more?
I’ve been thinking about it. I kind of wanted to get a galah cockatoo which is this cool pink Australian bird, but I’m going to wait until the next time I’m in Australia to do that and maybe I won’t even. I’ve been thinking about getting a quote somewhere as well but I don’t know what quote or where. Maybe I’ll do that when I graduate.
What advice would you give to someone who is getting a tattoo for the first time?
I don’t know. I guess just make sure you want it, because I know with me I had wanted this since I was in high school so I was really sure I wanted it when I got it and I’m not going to regret it at all.
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