Highsmith ushers in new tradition to replace annual homecoming dance

By Peyton Sheehan 
News Staff Writer
[email protected]
This year’s Homecoming and Family Weekend concluded on Sunday, with this year’s Highsmith After Dark event located throughout the Highsmith Student Union here at UNC Asheville.
In the past, following the homecoming game, there was a homecoming dance. This year, Fred Tugas, the associate director of the Highsmith Student Union, and Christina Jaeger, the associate director of Highsmith Operations, decided to do things differently.
“This event is actually replacing the Homecoming Dance. We are hoping it will draw a larger crowd of students. We also hope it will be more appealing and engaging,” Jaeger said.  
Tugas and Jaeger both said there was a lot of time and planning over the summer in finding vendors and finalizing various details.

The usual homecoming dance was replaced with Highsmith After Dark, which lasted from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. Photo by Holly Goswick

“I don’t usually attend many events on campus, but once I heard that there was ThinkFast Trivia, I figured that I would go. It is my senior year after all,” Logan Ponder said.