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Full of feelings: UNC Asheville responds to America’s Hallmark holiday

Evelyn King
News Staff Writer
[email protected]
Valentine’s Day approaches and overall the opinion of the holiday received mixed reviews from students on UNC Asheville’s campus.
“It’s kinda bullshit holiday made up by corporations to sell more useless shit,” said John Sprouse, a new media major at UNCA. “It’s cool that people have fun with it, sure go have a date with your significant other, but by conception its bullshit.”
Others had a more optimistic attitude toward the holiday.
“Partners are an effort so I don’t know if I’d want one, though they sometimes buy you things, which is what they’re good for,” said Ashley

Cupid is the Roman god of love and the winged messenger of the gods.

Bray, sculpture student at UNCA, “I just want someone to buy me things and give me money. Relationships are weird. Do it for the money honey. Cuddling is okay sometimes though I guess.”
Another fun alternative to Valentine’s Day is Galentine’s Day, a holiday popularized by the comedy sitcom Parks and Recreation, in which women celebrate their female friends. But the holiday isn’t just for the ladies.
“A lot of my friends are girls, I go to girls night.” said Sprouse. Not everyone knew what Galentine’s day was or wanted to partake.
“Is it like a guys Valentine’s day? That sounds like a sad lesbian replacement, coming from a lesbian. It’s just straight girls.” Bray said. “My sister would probably like it. She would drink a lot of mimosas.”
Sumner said his ideal Valentine’s date would be a picnic on the quad, and that a good Valentine’s Day would entail doing something fun with his partner that they both enjoy, like seeing a movie or staying in and hanging out.
Sprouse described his perfect chill Valentine’s Day as having good weather, a nice meal and a day on the town.
“Honestly someone taking me to Walmart and paying for me to play on the claw machines for a while,” Bray said, describing her perfect date. “Or taking me to a goat-petting zoo and then we go out for burritos. And then after watching a horror movie.”
Jethro Sumner, a new media major at UNCA, said relationships aren’t everything and people don’t need to enter relationships if they don’t want them. He suggested to all the single people out there to start a relationship with yourself first.

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