Libya incident illustrates differences of political parties

by: Amarra Ghani – [email protected] – Campus Voice Editor
When in Rome, do as the Romans. When trying to make peace in Libya after an anti-Islamic film, never do as Mitt Romney.
Last Tuesday, Christopher Stevens, American ambassador for Libya was shot and killed in Benghazi, Libya.
Stevens, a familiar face to Libyans, came forth with new hope for the country after the 2011 uprising against Dictator Muammar Gaddafi.
When the news first broke, many felt the hurt of losing an American on a diplomatic mission, especially Libyans.
Photos of Libyan mourners surfaced on the Internet. The photos included people of all ages holding up signs and posters condemning the attacks on the U.S. Consulate. Some of the posters had, “We are sorry,” written in both Arabic and English, others signs read, “Islam against Terrorism,” and one photo that went viral included a man holding a sign that said, “Sorry people of America. This is not the behavior of our Islam and our prophet.”
Apparently Romney did not get the memo.
Though the cause of the attack on the U.S. Consulate changed as more recent investigations were discovered, many believe the reason why the Middle East  became violent once again is because of a recent film that made its debut on YouTube.
The film, Innocence of Muslims, is an anti-Islamic movie that set the Middle East on fire. The film includes anti-Islamic remarks and disrespects Muhammad, the messenger and prophet of God, according to Muslims.
After the attack, Romney found Obama’s way of handling things to be quite disgraceful.
Though Romney, completely rational in thought, lacked the basic quality of a commander-in-chief: setting the ego aside.
Romney was upset, hurt and disappointed in Libya.
While he showed an array of emotions, Obama reiterated the attention of the loss of an American and focused on condemning the film as anti-American and letting the Middle East know this film does not represent what Americans think of Islam and Muslims.
On Sept. 12, 2001, former President George W. Bush visited a mosque the day after 9/11 to show respect to Muslims and Islam, making sure the world knewAmericans were not anti-Muslim.
It has to be some sort of embarrassment when even Bush, who has been ridiculed relentlessly about his leadership, does something Romney could not even wrap his head around.
Not only did this show a lack of judgment of Obama and his administration chose to do first, but it represents Romney’s belief that Americans are the only ones that should be valued in tragic events.
Not only did Romney completely take this unfortunate event to a distasteful level, but he also shows desperation in his failing campaign.
The Republican National Convention was not exactly in favor of Romney. Polls show after the RNC there was little to no difference
in his campaign.
So what does a desperate senator do? Boil the blood of Americans.
He not only disrespected the people of Libya, who completely condemn the acts against Stevens, but also Stevens, by using his death to Romney’s advantage.
Speaking to a crowd in Jacksonville, Fla., Romney hyped everyone up by blasting Obama for his stance on Libya.
Florida might have agreed with Romney on this one, but he was not accepted by all Americans.
CBS news reported during a campaign event in Fairfax, Va., Romney planned a dramatic and obvious patriotic moment of silence for the four U.S. diplomats killed in Benghazi but was interrupted after hecklers accused him of trying to politicize the tragedy.
If someone was to see the film that made such an impact in the Middle East causing violent protests and riots, they would mock the filmmaker’s lack of actual filmmaking skills.
The American value of free speech and the right to express one’s opinion, no matter how immoral it is, is not shared throughout the world.
Though America claims the war in the Middle East is not a war with Islam, it cannot escape the fact that it has become exactly that.
If Islam was not included in the war, then America and the Middle East would never hear about the religion that is dominated along with these countries: Islam.
On Friday, a mosque in Fairfax, Va., was vandalized with completely disgusting words written all over the holy building.
The words included racial slurs against African-Americans as well as Iraqis with a variety of vulgarity, and drawings of male genital parts.
The loss of four U.S. diplomats, including Stevens, who had nothing but good intentions for Libya, is truly disheartening, but you cannot become blind to your surroundings.
Romney needs to realize although America has free speech, Islam has become a sensitive topic throughout the Middle East and to Muslims everywhere.
Not only did Romney show Stevens’ family complete disrespect  when using his death as an advantage to his campaign, which evidently did not help him, but he also failed to open his eyes to the cries of the world, which were in fact condemning the violent acts along with the American people if, not more.
Someone tell Romney desperation is definitely not in this season.