Memphis based alternative group, the band Camino leaves an impression at The Orange Peel

Lucas Britt, Multimedia Team

The three-piece indie/alternative group, The Band Camino took The Orange Peel over on Sept. 28, packing Asheville’s largest venue and bringing a very high energy level. Locals and tourists alike filled the crowd of fans supporting the group as they opened the show with some of their most popular tunes amongst fans as the crowd gave the band a very warm welcome to Asheville. 

Lead singer Jeffery Jordan stated that it was the group’s first time headlining in Asheville and the band and crowd enjoyed stopping at The Orange Peel on their 2022 tour. 

The Band Camino, although having released three EP’s and a plethora of singles throughout their six year career, have just released their self-titled debut album on all streaming platforms on Sept. 10, 2021. 

The band’s debut album mostly derives from the happy, pop-rock sounding projects that the band is used to releasing, but definitely carries some new sounding influences throughout the 14 song project which causes the album to stand out from the group’s previously released EP’s. 

The Band Camino’s cheerful, driving and alternative sound seemed to do the crowd of fans justice, as many were dancing and singing along as their favorite songs by the group were being played. The group performed outstandingly, keeping energy levels high when they needed to be and simmering them down a bit to keep the crowd engaged when it was clear that everyone was out of breath.