Welcome back Bulldogs!


Graphic by Hayden Bailey

UNC Asheville is kicking off the spring semester as students acclimate to returning to campus.

Hayden Bailey, [email protected], Co-Editor-in-Chief

The first week back can be hectic and overwhelming. You might feel like you just lost all of the sleep you got back over winter break. You might feel like you’ve seen one too many syllabuses. You might also feel as though you just spent all of your money on textbooks. If you’re feeling any of those feelings, I am right there with you. You also might be feeling glad to be back on campus, relieved even. The holidays can be a hard time and sometimes, you need them to be over already. If you’re feeling that way, I am also right there with you. 

Spring semester is here. A whole new year is here. I encourage you to feel what you need to feel but to also choose your perspective for this semester. Make this semester your semester. Talk to the people in your classes. Make new friends. Follow up with that person who wants to get coffee with you. Put effort into your school work but never forget to be spontaneous. Spend sunny days on the Quad or in the Botans. Go on a hike or take a walk in the River Arts district. Remember it’s ok to not be ok. Try to focus on the good things. Don’t let anything hold you back from being the best version of yourself. You’re not alone. 

One more thing. Sleep is essential to your well-being. It is not overrated and you do need it. Don’t hear me saying you have to get 10 hours of sleep every single night because let’s be honest, as college students, it might just be an impossible task. However, shoot for the stars. Try to manage your time so you are able to get some sleep. Who knows, sleep could be your missing ingredient. 

So, welcome back Bulldogs. I am excited to see what this semester holds for us.