Student Creative Activity and Research Forum holds showcase for outstanding achievement


Jon Grunau

Pictured: Xander Lord, Dana Steward, Sawyer Serdula, Walker Lezotte, Seth Maile, Luke Beijer and Jane Turlington with their short film Betrayal.

Jon Grunau, [email protected] , News Writer

Many students were present Friday in the Highsmith Student Union to showcase the results of their research over the past several years. 

“We’re just trying to have an accessible event that represents our identity in undergraduate research in the UNC system,” said the Director of Undergraduate Research Megan Powell. 

Countless projects spanning a wide range of topics were presented proudly as members of the community were invited to come and view some of the top students in the Student Creative Activity program. 

“The purpose of the event was to showcase some of the top projects from campus including some of our performing arts as well. It’s great to have this all in one place so people can easily see their hard work,” Powell said. 

Some students focused on creative pursuits as others dug into old questions in search of answers, such as economics and religion. 

“I’m going to present my research at a conference at ETF Leuven University in Belgium this summer,” said Aubrey Emmett, a senior from Winston-Salem. “I’ve worked on my project studying the theological economics of eschatology since 2019.”

The purpose of the SCARF program is to encourage students in their individual studies and recognize the outstanding achievement of those who perform well in their chosen field of research.

“We celebrate undergraduate research and creative activity from all disciplines. We support original work of all types and we celebrate them all together,” Powell said.

The project Betrayal, a short film involving college students and a stolen sandwich, was presented by the cast on a large television screen to curious onlookers. 

“It took around two weeks of filming on top of 30 hours or so of editing,” said Xander Lord, the director of the short film.

Today the Spring Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Community Engagement took place, where hundreds of projects were presented by students to anyone who wanted to attend.