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Despite chilly 20 degree weather, West Coast based hybrid ice cream and waffle store floods with guests on its grand opening

A picture of the exterior of Dally Llama.

This weekend, Biltmore Park Town Square welcomed a new eatery, The Dolly Llama, to celebrate its grand opening on Jan. 20. 

The Dolly Llama creates a unique experience for its guests with its hybrid desserts, combining 14 different ice cream flavors paired with their signature bubble waffle cones and liege waffles, as well as a wide variety of unique and fun toppings.

Guests at the Dolly Llama can create their own distinct combinations of ice cream, milkshakes and waffles. But no worries if you’re indecisive, as they have their own signature creations to choose from, such as Dolly’s Dream, pairing their ultimate cookie monster ice cream with strawberries, brownies and a Nutella drizzle in their beloved bubble waffle cone. 


Atmosphere: The Dolly Llama creates a lively atmosphere with its bright and vibrant blue walls, along with fun imagery of its menu’s signature creations as well as iconic mascot, Dolly the Llama. The space is tightly packed, but the long line of guests waiting in line for the grand opening most definitely took up room.

Service: Despite waiting in line for around half an hour with around 30 guests, the workers enthusiastically greeted all guests and worked hard to keep up with the budding client intel. 

Food Quality: For myself, I really enjoyed what I received. I ordered a kids sized bubble waffle cone with the ultimate cookie monster ice cream, a bright blue vanilla ice cream paired with Oreo cookies and cookie dough. The ice cream was extremely creamy with generous amounts of cookie in every bite and the waffle’s warm and soft texture created a signature and unique taste that I have never experienced before.

The Dolly Llama’s kid sized bubble waffle cone with their Ultimate Cookie Monster ice cream flavor

My friend ordered the signature Sugar N’ Spice creation, a creamy and flavorful horchata flavored ice cream paired with a light pairing of Speculoos cookies and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal on top of the fluffy bubble waffle. Be warned, however, as the bubble waffle cone can create a messy eating environment, but didn’t really deter from our overall eating experience.

Pricing: For a kid-sized ice cream in a freshly made bubble waffle cone, with no toppings, plus a $1 tip, my order cost $7.49. For the gourmet ice cream paired with the fresh cone, I firmly believe I paid a fair and reasonable price. 

Final thoughts: The Dolly Llama truly brings a unique experience to Asheville, with its creamy and delicious ice cream alongside its warm and soft waffle bubble cones that really enhances the ice cream experience. Although attending the grand opening meant a longer wait time, what we received was worth the wait. A solid 8.5/10 rating!

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