In a time of chaos, banding together is the best solution

Staff Editorial
As Donald Trump was declared the victor of the intense 2016 presidential race, Americans all around the country began to wonder what their future held. The divisive nature of this entire presidential race left many with a sense of ostracization regardless of party alignment.
Cohesion never fully set in and all we could do was watch from afar as the race continued to fumble along. With jokes and jeers coming from both sides of the party line as well as popular television, nobody felt comfortable with their chances of winning and could only hide behind promises and cutting political rhetoric as a means of distraction.
Trump’s victory over Clinton revealed the culminated animosity of many Americans. However, just because he won does not mean the people of our country should roll over. Instead of splintering off into smaller groups and causing chaos as an expression of disdain, we all need to come together as one community and help each other for the sake of society as a whole.
All the passion for change generated by this election can not simply dissipate. The people of the U.S. still remain split, but we must be stronger than the clashing ideals which divide us.
Unity will heal the wounds created by the division of this presidential race. People must unify and make their voices heard louder than ever before. Just because your candidate may have lost does not negate your impact upon society. The unified few remain stronger than the divided many, and even if change does not come quickly, it will come faster through social understanding and acceptance.
Despite personal beliefs, the last thing America needs now is a continuance of the social division which affected our society to the core. The individual opinion matters and should not go unnoticed, but we must realize we are part of a much larger community which relies on codependence to create a better and stronger society for everyone.
The idea of putting self-interest aside for a common goal is crucial for the overall betterment of yourself and those around you. While it seems like giving up, the power of unity displays the triumph of the American spirit. Do what you must to comprehend the state of the U.S., but realize you still have a voice as do those around you and you can still use it.
But one must know how to use it effectively. Instead of voicing hatred or support, use your voice to bridge the gaps between communities. Find ways to put your opinion aside to benefit the communal future and unify against the division of Americans.
If America continues to remain discordant, all it will do is stagnate American society to a point of gridlock which could do more harm than any presidential action.
Rather than turning away from the reality in front of us we need to face it head-on and find a way to unify in trying times regardless of religious affiliation, sexual orientation or any other divisive factor and continue to persevere toward an all-inclusive future. There is work that needs to be done and for true change to occur society must band together. It must not abandon the values it fought so hard for. Through unity change will come.