Trump cannot be allowed to control the truth

R. Gray
Opinion Section Editor
[email protected]
President Trump is trying, in haunting Orwellian fashion, to be the sole arbiter of what is and what is not the truth. Barely a few days into his presidency and he has already taken steps to silence both government agencies as well as the press from broadcasting pertinent information.
He placed  gag orders on government agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency, the US National Park Service, the Department of Health and Human Services and other agencies. None of these branches are allowed to release information to the public. Trump has also stated he plans on selecting who is and is not allowed to attend press conferences.
Beyond that, there is his outright lies such as the number of attendees at his inauguration. Or, as his administration would have everyone calling them, “alternative facts.” This dubious term is insidious at best, encouraging the public to believe misinformation by not calling them what they are: lies by any other name. Trying to use different terminology to mislead and disguise lies are lies is, to put it frankly, doublespeak. It is a deliberate attempt to obscure what those “alternative facts” really are.
We need to take a stand. We need to organize, continue to protest, continue to fight Trump every step of the way. Find local protests and attend. Learn how to organize your own protest. If that is not possible for a variety of reasons, emails, phone calls and letters to your state representative and senators do make a difference. Even spreading information across social media platforms can be a huge help. But please, do not be complacent.
Truth is under attack. There is no other way it can be stated. It is explicitly clear he is vying for control over the truth, and by extension the minds and loyalty of the American people. He must not be allowed to control the truth.