Advice Column 4/25/2021

“Usually I’ll bake my professors something at the end of the semester but with the pandemic I don’t want to do that. Any options on how to show appreciation?” -Anon
Dear Anon,
I think it’s wonderful that you want to share some appreciation to your professors especially with how difficult this semester has been for us all. It really displays a kind heart to want to show admiration for your mentors and teachers and I’m certain they will appreciate it through the tough times that this semester has proven to be plentiful of.
In the event that you don’t want to go all out with a present, you can always tell them face to face at the end of your last class that you appreciate them. If you don’t get that opportunity or are nervous about what their response might be, simply sending an email their way at the end of the last class and thanking them for all that they have done this semester can be everything.
For a more detailed and genuine approach, a hand-written card can share your thoughts and feelings about the class and it’s instructor. A card becomes something one can keep late into retirement, and will most likely mean the world to your professor.
If you do feel the need, buying a small present for your professor could be appreciated as well. As long as it’s meaningful and unique, you’ll be able to get your point across with good reactions from both the giver and receiver. 
It’s great that you are staying COVID-safe and not risking the spread of diseases through sharing bakery treats. Make sure to keep up with that same caution, and spread the love rather than the germs.
Take Care,
The Blue Banner
“How do I quit my job without offending my boss or coworkers?” -Anon
Dear Anon,
While respect and gratitude for a job are highly valued in the workplace, you should first take a glance at the reason as to why you are quitting. If it is due to a lack of respect on your coworker’s end, then the opinion and offensive of others is likely your least concern. It may seem harsh to put in your two weeks without any warning or given reason, but it’s incredibly important to give yourself the respect you deserve, and if your workplace isn’t helping it’s time to say goodbye.
With that being said, it does seem that you have a genuine care for your fellow employees and because of this, there are a few ways to quit your job without burning the bridges of connections with your coworkers.
The first step is to tell your boss before anyone else. You don’t want a chain of gossip spreading and making it to them without you letting them know first, regardless of if your coworkers are the type to spread gossip or not. It also shows respect for your boss when you alert them of what your plans are.
Next, help find a replacement for your position. This isn’t required, but it can severely impact those around you to see your replacement as someone that you trust to fill up your shoes. It also takes off the workload of your boss and fellow employees to help out with finding someone else to cover your shifts.
Lastly, find the right timing to do so. Quitting can affect everyone months after you’ve left, so make sure you have no big tasks that have gone uncompleted or unfinished by the time you’re ready to leave. Tie up all loose ends and make sure your desk is cleared and ready to go by the time the two weeks are up.
Best of Luck in finding somewhere new,
The Blue Banner
“How do I say goodbye to my friends for the summer? I’m not graduating but I’m going to miss them a lot over the break.” -Anon
Dear Anon,
It’s important to remember that this ‘goodbye’ is only temporary, and that all the sadness you’re experiencing will be a distant memory as the fall semester rolls around. With that being said, there are a few things you can do to help prepare for leaving your friends for a few months.
First, you’ll want to have a token to carry around with you. This can be a polaroid, a few pictures in your camera roll, or even something as simple as a friendship bracelet. You’ll want something to look back on and the time you’ve spent creating the token will be sufficient in preparing to say goodbye.
Next, find a way to stay in contact with one another. This can be through FaceTime or text, as long as you all have a way to communicate when you’re really missing each other. Establish those conversations online before you go as well, so you don’t have to get used to it while missing your friends all at once.
Lastly, don’t say goodbye at all. If you all plan on seeing each other again in the nearby future, simply tell them “See you soon”. It will point toward a brighter future and fun times ahead, which is something absolutely necessary as the pandemic continues to affect us all.
Until next time,
The Blue Banner