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Helldivers II: A childhood dream

Four pods carrying the best of the best in the galaxy drop down from ships in orbit to deliver freedom and democracy to violent insects and murderous robots, with a low rate of success and countless dangers to traverse on their mission of destroying enemy fortifications and collecting valuable samples. 

When it comes to horde shooters in our modern video game climate, Helldivers 2 might very well be the best game to release in the genre in years, reaching an all time high of 450,000  concurrent players according to Steam charts. 

Currently sitting at 220,000 players at the time of writing, this makes Helldivers 2 the 3rd most popular game currently by player count. Reputable websites such as Bleacher Report call it “one of the best co-op offerings in a long time”. 

Developed by Arrowhead Games Studio and published by PlayStation, Helldivers 2 is a third-person squad based game in which player’s fight against hordes of enemies. When facing either giant insects known as “terminids” or killer robots straight out of Terminator, a smart player has plenty of options. 

With a multitude of powerful abilities known as stratagems, skilled players can turn the tide of the battlefield with just a few button presses. These include air strikes, sentry guns, weapon emplacements, shield generators and limited-use weaponry. The game also features realistic physics from movement, armor and weapon accuracy that all influence how the player interacts with their environment and encourages a slower, more accurate shot. 

The game is often compared to the famous 1997 sci-fi film Starship Troopers due to the presence of in-game propaganda and an overarching plot that cement the game as a satirical comedy instead of a die-hard action game. Countless voice lines from playable characters and NPC’s expound endlessly on the benefits of “Freedom, Democracy and Justice” while simultaneously sending countless soldiers to their deaths for the supposed “glory of Super Earth.”

One major point of note is despite the existence of a premium currency, it is done in a way I haven’t seen before in most major titles released these days. As you complete missions and explore different maps, you’ll come across points of interest that can contain anything from a random weapon, currency and even premium currency. I have purchased the premium pass for the game, as well as multiple outfits and cosmetics, all without paying a single cent. It’s easily one of the best monetization models for a live-service game I’ve ever seen, and I hope more developers that insist on microtransactions adhere to this model. 

At the time of writing, the planet of Tien Kwan has been liberated, introducing pilotable mech suits equipped with heavy weaponry into the game, adding even more variety and versatility to your playstyle. Helldivers 2 is a co-op game I can’t recommend enough, and it’s been some of the most fun I’ve had playing with friends in years, so I highly suggest that you give it a try!


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