Both parties to blame in gun control debate

by Alex Milstein – Staff Writer – [email protected]
Guns could not protect the world’s deadliest sniper, and guns will not protect you.  But gun control is in our reach.
Obama’s hasty authorization of drone attacks on U.S. soil interferes with the hope for gun control. These deadly, unmanned death machines will do nothing but bring a different form of violence to America. Those already against gun control will hold onto their guns for life as they see the horrific destruction of the government’s super weapons.
If Mitt Romney were elected and had authorized drone attacks on U.S. soil, liberals would have whined and yelled to no end. But Obama can do no wrong. Not even when he uses deadly machines right in our own backyards. Liberals need to stop forgiving Obama for everything and give him some actual feedback. If liberals actually called Obama out on his empty promises and mistakes, he might show some real progress toward the change he once promised.
Liberals are failing to remember angering conservatives should not be the goal of gun control. They need to recall its true purpose: to reduce violence. In comparison to guns, drones are unimaginatively more pernicious. The power they possess could destroy a small city. This is the violence we are trying to stray away from in America, yet the president drives us back into the belly of the beast.
Conservatives on the other hand, see the use of drones as a reason to keep their guns. Their paranoia may get the best of them, but it is not something that has not come to everyone’s mind at one time or another. What if the government turns on us? What if they target these drones toward any American they deem as a terrorist? Conservatives will not give up guns if they see threats and violence spewing from our own government. If anything, they will make a stronger argument for wanting to keep guns for their own safety.
If conservatives do think this, then they really are a bunch of nut jobs. As we saw in the case of the world’s deadliest sniper, Chris Kyle, guns will not always protect you. It seems in his position, at a shooting range with a gun, he would have easily been able to stop the shooter. How can conservatives think they would be more able to fight in a situation like Kyle’s, when now they see a trained soldier at a gun range could not even do anything? People kill people, but guns help.
For Obama, however, it is important to remember people do think guns should not be controlled. It is his job to take all Americans into account when making a decision. He does not see what these deadly robots look like from an average person’s point of view and he does not feel people’s horror. By scaring paranoid conservatives with drone attacks, Obama is pushing hope of gun control farther and farther out of reach.
Gun control is a very serious issue Obama said in his State of the Union address. We all know it is, if not from what we see in this world, then from the fact it was the final issue Obama touched on. We have all seen gun violence and the pain that can follow for the victim’s families.
This final topic of the State of the Union address was Obama’s big kicker. It is the topic with the most impact on our society recently, and Obama is reversing its progress. His authorization of drones scares Americans and increases violence on U.S. soil. Obama’s promises of gun control in his State of the Union address are devoid due to violence caused by drones.
Obama is furthering problems in the U.S., and his idea of change turns out to be less existent than anyone ever hoped.