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From Asheville to Orlando: a look inside the Bulldogs who have participated in the Disney College Program and its benefits.

“Memorabilia from the Disney College Program” – photo provided and taken by Ava Wolchesky

On Jan 5, The Walt Disney Company opened up their 2024 registration for the Disney College Program, a four to eight month internship program in which college students across the globe can intern for the Walt Disney Company. 

Ava Wolchesky, a senior studying New Media, participated in the college program from May to August of 2022. 

“I heard about the program on Bulldog network and I put in my email for when applications opened to stay updated and got emails about the program,” said Wolchesky. 

As for her program, Wolchesky got her role working in retail at the Magic Kingdom. 

“My thing was Main Street East. All the stores that are on the opposite side of the Emporium, on Main Street of Magic Kingdom. Most days I worked at the confectionery, making little Mickey Mouse treats.” said Wolchesky. 

After completing her program, Wolchesky landed several different jobs on campus thanks to having the Walt Disney Company on her resume.

“I definitely got some jobs that I wanted to when I put that I worked for Disney on my applications. Because when people see that on your application, they think ‘excellent customer service,’” said Wolchesky.

Samantha Morin, another senior majoring in New Media, participated in the Disney College Program from January to July of 2022. 

Morin discovered the internship program through New Media professor Christopher Oakley. 

“He suggested the program because he’s worked in Disney before and I was asking for advice on how to get into the company and that’s where he said a good start was,” Morin said.

Instead of working for one of the main four parks at Disney, Morin got the opportunity to work at one of the many resorts instead, working food and beverage at Disney’s All Stars Resort.

“The actual on the job experience I wouldn’t say that it helped me in my career at all. But having Disney on my resume has been really helpful. I just interviewed for a lot of internship positions last semester and almost all of the interviews I had brought up the fact I worked for Disney,” Morin said.

Besides having Disney on her resume, Morin also believes that the overall experience of interacting with people from around the world benefited her as well. 

“I got a lot of experience dealing with people from everywhere, which was a really valuable part of the job,” said Morin. 

Due to the changes in the program because of Covid-19, both Wolchesky and Morin applied only through a web based application. When applying now, applicants will go through a phone interview in which they have the opportunity to talk to an interviewer about their preferred roles- it isn’t a guarantee that you will get your first pick.

“It really is what you make it. You’re taking a gamble because you don’t get to pick your role,” said Morin

Lisa Mann, UNC Asheville’s director of the career center, brought some insight on the benefits of participating in the Disney College Program. 

“I would recommend it to students of any major and especially any students who want to get their foot in the door with the Disney Company. The internship program with Disney is a really good way to learn how Disney works and to be considered for future positions within that company,” said Mann.

Mann also exclaims how the college program benefits students on their resumes. 

“The Disney College Program shows a lot of strengths employers are looking for. There’s a lot of organizational skills that are required in the Disney program, a lot of responsibilities, a lot of being able to follow the Disney standards, and so these are things companies know about and would be very interested in seeing,” said Mann. 

For students wishing to receive credit for participating in the Disney College Program, students are able to take a remote internship course through UNCA. 

“You can take IST 325, which is our elective internship course and that can be done remotely, and so if you want to earn three credit hours, through IST 325, if it’s in the spring or the summer, you can do that through the Disney College Program,” said Mann.

For students interested in applying to the Disney College Program, you can apply at the Disney College Program at DISNEY

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