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“No Exit” prepares for one Hell of an opening

Students and faculty at UNC Asheville are all set to perform their upcoming Spring show, “No Exit” starting Feb. 29.

No Exit, a play written by Jean-Paul Sartre in 1944, follows Vincent Cradeau, Inèz Serrano, and Estelle Rigault, who are eternally damned souls stuck in the same room together as they slowly but surely confess why they have been sent to Hell. 

Amber Brown, a New Media Major, plays the role of Hermes, the character who leads each of the three souls into the dreaded room. 

“I’m the worker behind the whole hell operation. What I enjoy most about my role is the comfy costume. Also, I get to stand before them and look in control letting the audience know they’re in for a treat when I leave them alone to you all,” said Brown.

Aidan Nigrelli, a political science major, performs as the first soul entering into the room. 

“I play Vincent Cradeau, an idealistic journalist, writer, and pacifist who failed at living up to all his ideals. On some level he is always aware of his shortcomings but more self perception is dragged out of him as the play goes on and he lashes out viciously whenever he is stung,” said Nigrelli.

The next soul to enter the room is Susan Hudson, a Drama Major who plays as Inèz Serrano. 

“Inez is manipulative and intelligent, with a steely exterior. She loathes cowardice and vulnerability even though deep down all she craves is being loved and admired,” said Hudson. 

Lastly,  Chrisoula Theodorou, who majors in Mass Communications, plays the role of the final soul to enter the room- Estelle Rigault. 

“She is definitely a little firecracker, and such a fun character to play,” said Theodorou.  “I love how complex Estelle is, she really honestly shows some of the struggles there are to be a woman. She follows these high society expectations so she can simply be able to get by in life. She was so much fun to pick apart in that way,” 

Director and adjunct professor Aaron Snook exclaims he hopes audiences will be surprised by the content of the show. 

“While this is a rare opportunity to see a classic of existentialist theater, my hope is the audience will be surprised by the humanity and the humor.  This cast has brought both with a ferocity, which is why I’ve loved watching it night after night,” said Snook. 

The cast and crew have had to deal with the trials and tribulations of financial circumstances, but they have managed to make the best of what they have and overcome any challenges to bring this incredible show to life. 

“Due to the unfortunate financial circumstances of the university right now, we’ve had to put this show together on a shoestring.  That said, everyone kept their energy focused on this enduring art that we love and pulled it off beautifully,” said Snook.

“The best part of this show and as it always has been for me despite how much I enjoy acting is working with all these incredible people. Seeing these performances develop and the fantastic people behind them has been so much fun,” said Nigrelli

Theodorou says she is most excited for how the audience will react to the story as it progresses and the powerful message it portrays 

“I think the audience will love to see how this show transitions from beginning to end. The story is incredibly powerful, so what I hope happens is the audience can see the different shifts between the characters,” said Theodorou. 

Compared to previous shows here at UNC Asheville, Hudson exclaims this show is special thanks to the actors’ connections to their individual characters they play.

“We have all brought a little bit of ourselves to our characters which I think makes this particular production unique,” said Hudson.

“No Exit” will perform February 29-March 3, starting at 7:30 pm and a matinee performance on Sunday at 2 pm at the Belk Theatre at UNC Asheville. 


Tickets can be purchased at TheatreUNCA Presents: No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre 

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