B3 Summer Special – Minnie Scarlet (Full Interview)

Video by Elijah Choplin
Elijah Choplin
multimedia editor
[email protected]
This has been delayed during a very hectic spring semester, but here is the full audio with the adult film actress Minnie Scarlet.
This audio is originally from several months ago, as noted in the intro. I contacted Scarlet via email because of an article she posted on VICE, “How to Make Ethical Porn in an Industry Built on Racism and Fetishization“. I wanted to know more about how race works in the porn industry, and race is still an iffy part of adult film. People of color routinely get typecast in stereotypical roles and insulting portrayals. Scarlet, as an independent producer, fills a unique niche in an industry often controlled by large production companies.
Minnie Scarlet can be found on Twitter (@MinnieScarlet) and on her personal site, xominnie.com.