From accordion to acoustic: a night of variety and surprise at New Mountain


By Larisa Karr, Arts & Features Editor – | Aug. 20, 2015 Photographs by Makeda Sandford, Design Editor On the evening of March 9th,while the pastel-wearing tourists roamed amongst the overpriced art galleries on Biltmore Ave. and the usual dreadheads swarmed around Pritchard Park, a little-buzzed-about event of unusual but epic proportions was taking […]

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A visionary method of musical interaction


Features – By Joann Pauline Johnson, Contributor On May 28, the Orange Peel was packed to the brim as many stood waiting to hear the long-awaited performance from The Tallest Man on Earth. As the loud saxophone, drums, violin, piano players and enthusiastic quirky lead singer and guitarist, Kristian Matsson, entered the stage, the crowd […]

Lost in the sound: post-rock’s rise in Asheville


By Stephen Livengood, Contributor | April 20, 2015 The first chord hits and an abrasive swarm of delayed guitar notes, rumbling bass waves, and thundering drums floods the room. The bassist raises his instrument high into the air, eyes closed, as if making an offering to the gods of sound and frequency. The crowd becomes […]

Indie folk duo share idiosyncratic love


Larisa Karr SBy Larisa Karr, Features Editor ome husband-wife music duos conjure fairly harmless recollections, like Sonny and Cher, while the names of others, the most obvious being Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, still evoke cringes and questions. Daniel Levi Goans and Lauren Plank Goans, however, are a new type of musical couple. Hailing from […]

Published UNCA authors reveal their inspiration for writing

By Matt McGregor – – Contributor | April 20, 2015 Gary Ettari’s writing begins with a feeling. When he listens to Bruce Springsteen, the feeling starts at his kneecaps, moves up through the groin, then out through the chest. “I swear I found the keys to the universe in the engine of an old […]

Student receives Newman Civic Fellows Award


By Daniel Hall – – Staff Writer | April 15, 2015 | Awards can serve as more than recognition of progress – they can catalyze it. Campus Compact, a coalition of higher-education institutions from across the nation, aims to promote citizenship with its Newman Civic Fellows Award, not only through public recognition, but by […]

Endangered red wolves threatened by coyote hunting


By Emily Ostertag – – Staff Writer | March 25, 2015 | Coyote hunting faces opposition in five Red Wolf recovery counties of eastern North Carolina, prompting reconsideration for lawmakers and residents alike, wildlife officials say.   “I don’t know that you could put a number on them,” said Shawn Martin, master wildlife enforcement […]

Mens basketball against High Point


Photos by Makeda Sandford- Staff Photographer

Quest for Qtopia defines the fluidity of gender

A shadow frame segment depicted a love scene between two characters

Photo by Larisa Karr- A&F Editor By Larisa Karr – – A&F Editor | March 4, 2015 | As the theatre darkens, angry, homophobic slurs fill the Carol Belk Theatre, leaving the audience confronting the intensity of what it is like to be condemned for one’s sexual orientation and gender identity. “ Qtopia” is […]

UNCA hosts events highlighting eating disorders

IMG_1317 (1)

Photo by Emma Alexander- Asst. News Editor By Emma Alexander – – Asst. News Editor | March 4, 2015 | As part of National Eating Disorder Awareness week, UNC Asheville hosted several events for students which delivered a unique message this year.   “This year’s message was that eating disorders affect more than just […]

UNCA hosts 16th science olympiad for local students


Photo by Karen Landert By Daniel Hall – – Staff Writer | March 4, 2015 | Pressurized soda bottles launched eggs over the Quad this Saturday as UNC Asheville hosted its 16th regional Science Olympiad for middle and high school students of Western North Carolina.   The eggs then parachuted back to the ground, […]

Hitting the Long and Winding Road to Pitchfork: a Journey, a Destination, a Delight

By Larisa Karr, Arts & Features Editor Day 1 By the time we arrived at the festival, we were pretty exhausted. Dehydrated, achy and feeling generally stressed from the pressure to find a parking spot before the press gate closed, it was a relief to finally walk through the not-too-uncontrollable lines and find ourselves in […]

Hollywood: Still a Man’s Man’s Man’s World

Anna Madison The film industry is extremely male-dominated. According to Women Make Movies, as of 2013, only 6 percent of filmmakers are female. Filmmaking has been a boys’ club since sound came into play, said Anne Slatton, lecturer in the mass communication department. “A bunch of literal men’s clubs opened up in Hollywood and women […]

Fair showcases progress in sustainable farming


By June Bunch – Features Staff Writer – | April 20, 2015 Agricultural folks of all trades gathered in a hodgepodge of education and innovation during the Mother Nature News Fair weekend. Farmers, foragers, engineers, herbalists, homesteaders, healers and folk artists mingled together within the Western North Carolina Agricultural Center April 11 and 12. […]

WNCAP calls on Asheville to “dine out for life”

By Katelynn Watkins, Staff Feature Writer, | April 20, 2015 Going out to dinner is normally a social, collective experience. Family and friends dine out to celebrate a birthday, or a holiday, or just to end the day on a high note. On April 30, going out will be even more of a social […]

Environmental science professor loves nature. Really really!

By Rebecca Andrews, Contributor | Apri 20, 2015 Gloria Schweizer doesn’t chuckle very often. She laughs wholeheartedly instead. Loud and boisterous, it announces her presence before you even see her, and doesn’t seem like it could come from someone so petite. “You can hear it from a mile away,” said Erin Krichilsky, a sophomore biology […]